Advocare Reviews-Don’t Join Until You Read This

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AdvoCare Reviews: Is This A Company Worth Looking Into?

Advocare Reviews

During  this AdvoCare reviews we will be looking at the company, the products, the compensation plan and the cost to get started. This can give us a great foundation to determine whether AdvoCare is a company worth looking into. The company was founded by late Charlie Ragus. Currently, the company is being led by CEO and President Richard Wright.They are based in Texas. The goal was to help people feel better by providing them with high quality products that could also provide a health benefit.  The Advocare  company received the Education for Life award back in 2002 as well as the DSA innovation award in June of 2008.

The Advocare Product Line Reviews

The product line consists of 5 different types of wellness products. They are called:  Trim (for weight loss), Active (for maintain in top form), Well (for wellness), Performance Elite (to enable faster recovery after workouts), and Definite Difference (assists with making you look and feel different) respectively. These products are similar to the nutritional supplements you would find at stores like GNC. They also have the Advocare 24 day challenge for the weight loss products.

The Advocare Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offers the distributor five different income streams.
•    Retail Commissions: If you have customers this could be a great way to build your business
•    Wholesale Commissions: When you are a distributor you can save 20% on the products
•    Down line Earnings: You can also earn a commission from those within your organization who also choose to build their distributor base.
•    Leadership Bonuses:  Leaders can earn an average of $40,000 per year when they reach the rank of 3 Start Gold Distributor.
•    Incentives and Pay Period Bonuses: There are also a number of other incentives, trips that are included, and pay-period bonuses that distributors could benefit from.

Advocare Business The Start-Up Costs?

The start-up cost to become a distributor is $79. This cost will provide you with $50 worth of samples, your own distributor kit which will detail everything the company has to offer and you will have access to receive the 20% discount on all of your purchases.


In closing, Advocare is a good company with a solid business opportunity. They have a strong corporate team, great products and a generous compensation plan. With that said, it’s important for you to know that while you can certainly build an Advocare business by approaching your friends and family, to really make a significant money that you can live on, you need to not only using offline methods but also online lead generation strategies.


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