Motives Cosmetics Review-What Is The Secret of The Top 1% Earners?

Motives Cosmetics Review-Want To Know  How The Top 1% Are Building The Business? 

Motives Cosmetics

As you can tell by the name Motives Cosmetics is all about cosmetics-women stuff .This review will discuss the company background, Leadership , products and also outline some of the best marketing strategies for Reps who are still struggling to make any sale. 

Motives Cosmetics -Background and Leadership and Recent Update.

Motives Cosmetics, a Market America brand, sells a line of cosmetics and skin care through its network of Consultants at home parties, online, and through catalogs.

The company was founded by Loren Ridinger in 1997 , who seem to be a  very influential business women . Their headquarters is based in Greensboro ,North Carolina.

In a recent Press release , Motives Cosmetics Announces Partnership with La La Anthony. This is a huge move for the company and believe will take the business to a whole different level.

This what Loren said in the press release:

“Partnering with a woman as talented and beautiful as La La is an easy decision for us,” said Loren. “She embodies the qualities that Motives® cosmetics is all about – passion, dedication, aspiration. We are really looking forward to bringing Motives for La La to the market.”

Motives Cosmetics-Line Of Product:

Their products include lipstick, lip shines, eyeshadow, blushes and shimmers that showcase Loren distinct style.

Motives Cosmetics -Marketing Strategy

When you enroll as a Motives Consultant or rep, you are given a company replicate site where you can purchase sale aids such as catalogs, business card to give out to customers. There is also an option called “Motives & Me” for teens under age 18 to sell Motives Cosmetics. The Motives and Me program is perfect for teens that are looking to earn the cash they want, while

having fun selling one of the hottest makeup lines in the country. It gives teenagers the opportunity to run their own business while being mentored and coached by a Motives Customer Manager.

As you can see reps make sales using old marketing methods such as home parties, word of mouth etc. Whilst these methods may work initially for you as a rep of motives cosmetics, you will soon run out of leads and  your business will  become stagnant.

The top 1% of women who as making good money with Motives Cosmetics are those who have learned to generate their own leads through attraction marketing.

Motives Cosmetics -Compensation Plan.

When you look at the company website , you will not find any thing pointing out to the compensation plan.

However Motives Cosmetics is a direct sale business where your income is directly proportional to your personal recruit and customers.
That means you must learn to recruit. You also earn from the your recruits as their team volume increases.

How To Use Technology To Grow Motives Cosmetics:

1. Move your business from offline to online or a combination of both. Why? Because these days almost everything is bought online , so that is where your target audience is for your Motives Cosmetics business. Women are shopping online everyday, so it is time to get your share of that piece of pie.

The online audience is unlimited.

How do you do that? BLOG!!!

2. You will need your own blog to differentiate yourself from other reps. You want to use the blog platform to educate women on what your company provides and why you are superior to other Cosmetics companies. Also on your blog teach other reps how you can generate leads and turn those leads into buying customers.

Don’t know how to start a blog ? Read on to get help.

Verdict On Motives Cosmetics.

Combining a marketing system with your Motives Cosmetics business opportunity, you will be able to create a full time income , SO GET STARTED NOW HERE.



  • I C Johnson says:

    Thank you in advance for answering my question. I currently have a Market America unfranchise business that is costing me $200.00 a month to maintain. I am interested in your opinion of this business opportunity. It does use family and friend lists, hotel meetings & home launches as the backbone of its marketing techniques. Even if I start a blog or try to utilize options that you offer on your site I am not sure if this will prove profitable. Please advise. Thanks again.

    • admin says:

      I have a marketing system that you can use to generate leads on the internet and be able to plug in your primary business .
      Besides instant traffic you will be able use the SEO to generate long term traffic.
      SEO needs time but as you build your seo stuff, you will at the same time use the fastest methods to generate leads.
      Hope this answers your questions

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